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The International Road Federation (IRF) is a unique global platform that brings together public and private entities committed to road development. Working together with its members and associates, the IRF promotes social and economic benefits that flow from well-planned and environmentally sound transportation networks.

Ever since its establishment in 1948, the IRF has been active in the advocacy of all issues relevant to the road industry, from financing to technology and from development to safety. It serves as a catalyst for public and private partnership to organize, promote and develop international road programs. The Federation works closely with regional agencies, such as the European Commission and U.S. Federal Highways Administration, international institutions such as the United Nations Economic Commissions, and financial institutions such as the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Inter-American Development Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

With a wide network across more than eighty countries and six continents, IRF believes that it can make a difference in putting into place technological solutions in today’s multi-faceted world of transport.


http://www.ifpa.orgIPFA is the industry's international, independent, not for profit Association dedicated to promoting and representing the interests of governments and private sector companies involved in project finance and Public Private Partnerships throughout the world. is the industry's international, independent, not for profit Association dedicated to promoting and representing the interests of governments and private sector companies involved in project finance and Public Private Partnerships throughout the world.

IPFA was founded ten years ago to clarify the issues and provide a better understanding of the concept and practice of PPPs; members are policy makers, industry specialists and government representatives in many fields and many countries. IPFA is at the heart of best practice, transferring knowledge across country boundaries and between sectors, training the industry and encouraging innovation.

We are here to serve the project finance industry, please visit our website at and contact the IPFA team on +44 (0)20 7620 1883 or email to find out how the IPFA can assist your organisation.

In accordance with the intentions of the Czech government and the core of PPP projects, assuming the public and private sectors partnerships, the Association for the support of public and private sector was established in the Czech Republic in 2004 (thereinafter “PPP Association”). The main aims of PPP Association are the support and development of investments and services by means of PPP in the Czech Republic.

PPP Association will actively participate in forming the conditions and rules, helping to achieve transparent principles of these kinds of investments and services. It will also advance protection of good morals and strengthening of general confidence in effective forms of the public and private sector co-operation. For this purpose and in accord with generally binding legal rules, PPP Association directives and methodical EU strategies, PPP Association will help its members and the public sector to create a file of rules, principles and steps directed at the successful implementation of the PPP projects.

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http://www.biforum.orgBULGARIA ECONOMIC FORUM is an organization, founded by Bulgarian and international private companies, Bulgarian state institutions and non-government organizations in 1998 with the main objectives to promote the business environment of Southeast Europe to potential foreign investors and to facilitate the dialogue between the government and the business.

For more information please visit BEF’s website at:



http://www.seeforum.orgSoutheast Europe Economic Forum is an annual event organized since 1999. Sergei Stanishev’s, Prime Minister of The Republic of Bulgaria said the following about the forum:

“Over the last years the Forum has established itself as an influential event on the business schedule of entrepreneurs from the region and from our country. The economic situation, participating countries’ prospects and tendencies and the strengthening of cooperation are always among the issues discussed at the forum.”

For more information please visit SEEF’s website at:

http://www.seeurope.netSoutheast Europe Investment Guide The Guide is a snapshot of the 11 countries geographically comprising SEE Europe. It integrates the existing business information resources in the region and provides easily accessible, accurate and reliable information in a standardized format, thus efficiently addressing the practical needs of those interested in making business and investing in the region. Since its launch in 2001 the investment guide serves the needs of the local business community, which plans to explore business opportunities in SE Europe. You can download all the editions at Major goals are:

  • Integrating existing business and political information sources in the region;
  • Providing daily up-to-date reliable information about processes in the region;
  • Assisting regional and international companies with business interests in the region.

 SEE business magazine “The Region” is a monthly edition covering Southeast Europe key economic and political issues. It contains news, opinions, interview, investments section, management section, EU integration, regional projects, stock exchanges, markets guide, case studies and regional analyses. 2002 Lexxion has established itself as an independent law publisher with a strongly focused programme. Main fields of interest are European environmental and planning law, European food and feed law, competition law, property law, as well as tax and public procurement law.

One of Lexxions`s newest publications in the field of public procurement is EPPPL – the European Public & Private Partnership Law Review.

EPPPL is an international quarterly journal that provides the reader with detailed coverage of all significant developments in the PPPs arena across the European Union and beyond. Leading authorities from the private practice and academy will report on EU Member States legal and policy developments and new approaches to PPP delivery across the world. The journal offers legislation analysis and critique, case-law annotations, green and white paper comments and industry studies.

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