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Issue 18

New PPP motorway project in Hungary
18 February 2009

The Ministry of Transport launched the public procurement process of the M3 motorway Nyíregyháza-Vásárosnamény section in December 2008. The participation applications have been submitted by three consortia. The pre-qualification is about to happen next week. If all three consortia qualify suitable, they may submit their bids.

During the tendering and negotiation phase the Hungarian State will announce the result in all probability in August 2009. The financial close is expected to occur afterwards in October 2009.

Source: European PPP Center

The Goals of the Foundation Centrum PPP in Poland
3 February 2009

Among the main reasons, which resulted in the implementation of the legal Act supporting the development of public-private partnership in Poland in 2005, it is worth mentioning low effectiveness of investments executed by authorities, insufficient funds and increasing needs concerning public services. However, negative political considerations and psychological barriers led to the situation that PPP is still a rarely chosen form of investment. Government change in 2007, followed by new, more user-friendly version of the PPP Act created better perspectives for the development of PPP. So far a marginal number of projects, mainly in the network profile, were conducted in Poland.

In July 2008 the new foundation Centrum PPP was established in order to accelerate the accomplishment of public needs by private investments and expanding knowledge about the new act and PPP itself. 41 entities, both public and private, professionally dealing with auditory, financial, consulting, law and constructional areas of investment joined their forces to support the Foundation’s activity and main aims.
The main objective of Centrum PPP is to overcome the torpor, dominating on the Polish market of public-private undertakings, by inter alia popularization of PPP methods and creation of conditions allowing cost and time-cutting of projects’ preparations.

Simultaneously the Foundation gained the support from governmental authorities - Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Infrastructure -, as a result of this cooperation, currently 16 regional conferences are about to be held in order to familiarize the local authorities with the new PPP Act.

The Foundation Centrum PPP is open for the cooperation through-out exchanging experience with foreign units, which already have been dealing with projects executed in PPP form. Moreover, works aiming at standardizing procedures and good practices according to European patterns, as well as creating projects’ database have started. Those steps will enable monitoring and analysing forthcoming PPP projects in Poland.

Source: Polish PPP Centre
Tel.: +48 519 138 456

Denmark sets out infrastructure plans
30 January 2009

The Danish government has plans for a new infrastructure programme that includes several large highway investments. Some of the prioritised projects are the development of the highway in Vestfyn, more lanes at Køge Bugt highway, development of the highways in Helsingør and around Vejlefjordbroen and a new highway to Frederikssund. The cost for the projects is estimated at €1.5 billion.

There are proposals to bring forward several road investment projects to boost the economy. The projects include 13 road projects that have been put on hold for budget overdrafts and these are to be included in the negotiations for a new infrastructure plan according to the initiative. Work could start already in 2009 and 2010 as the projects already have been approved.

Meanwhile Danish pension giant ATP says it is prepared to invest funds in a planned port tunnel in Copenhagen that would link northbound motorways with southbound motorways. The estimated cost of the tunnel project is around €2.42 billion.


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