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Witold Grzybowski
 Grzybowski Witold

Position: Partner
Company: DGD Lower Silesian Advisory Group
Country: Poland
Sector: financial engineering for: housing, revitalization, renewable energy, telecoms, waste management


Mr. Gzybowksi is graduated of the Silesian University and Henley Further Education Centre, in Henley UK.

Partner in DGD Lower Silesian Advisory Group. For 12 years marketing and brand manager at Grundig International Ltd, UK, Philips Consumer Electronics, UK, Thorn EMI plc UK. Co-author of  business restructure programs and  brand communication as well as sales/distribution national networks structure. Co-founder of The British-Polish Chamber of Commerce in London. Team leader of the key EC projects in Moscow. Coordinator of the EU (Phare) project introducing public-private partnership concept in Poland. Since 2004 adviser to the Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Infrastructure in Poland and under the new government in 2008. 

Author of numerous publications and articles in sector press and periodical publications on PPP. Specialising in active project and PPP related undertakings in advisory capacity as well as a project manager . Author of business solution for the PPP projects implementation scheme and procurement procedure for social and residential housing sector.  Advising both, private and public sector in project management, project implementation, preparation of public procurement concept, and conducting training events. Cooperating with Baker & McKenzie Law Firm, Poland and advising The Association of The Polish Banks on PPP.

Speaker at the public events including Adam Smith Institute Conference in London.

In 2007 took part in novelization of PPP law and was commissioned by the Ministry of Economy to write a book on PPP agreement framework. In 2008 was commissioned to advising on the financial reporting on PPP undertakings under IAC rules and especially IFRIC12.

Constantly engaged in business undertakings with an objective to perform services of general economic interest on behalf of the local self-government in Poland.


Expertise on financial consequences on accounts reporting resulting from the change of reporting rules under IAS for PFI as proposed by International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and implemented by the EC. (Known as IFRIC 12).
Client: Ministry of Economy, 2008

Financial engineering and organisation of procurement process (with investor selection rules) for the undertaking known as „Termy Warmińskie” (Warmia Thermal Baths), estimated value EUR 40 m.
Client: Starostwo Powiatowe Lidzbark (District Government), 2007

Preparation of implementation scheme (organisation and legal aspects) and financial engineering for the investment known as: „Spalarnia odpadów stałych” (Solid waste incinerator facility) in cooperation with Baker & McKenzie. The project includes methodology for joining private funds with national public funds  and EU grant.  Estimated value EUR 40 m.
Client: Remondis Poland, 2007

Financial engineering, negotiations with private partner/investor and design of agreements for finance and implementation of  undertaking known as „Communal waste processing in to fuel components”. Estimated project value : EUR 4 m.
Client: Zwiazek Gmin Karkonoskich, (Local Self-government Asssociation of Karkonosze) Lower Silesia, 2007

Preparation of public procurement documentation for a social housing project (PPP) including procurement of finance product suitable for long-term rental to the local self-government. Project value EUR 2 m.
Client: Local self-government in Szubin, 2006-2007

Investors road show organisation for the National Polish Sugar Company (KSC) in biofuel sector. Project value (est) EUR 60 m.
Client : KSC (National Sugar Company), 2006-2007.

Finance concept for an approach road linking A4 motorway with an industrial park in Legnica. Value: EUR 2,5 m
Client:  De Loitte, Wroclaw, 2007

Financial structure (several variants) for sewage system for Gmina Prusie, Dolny Slask. Value: EUR 18 m.
Client: Self-government Prusice, 2006

Multifunctional Arena for Gadand Sopot also known as: ”Wielofunkcyjna Hala Sportowa na Granicy miast Gdańska i Sopotu”. Co-author of feasibility study and financial engineering including long term lease-concept for selected systems. Project value: EUR 110 m, 2004-2006

Thermal Aqua Park for Jelenia Góra: prefeasibility study and finance structure. Negotiations with potential investors. Project value: EUR 25 m.
Client: Municipality Jelenia Gora, 2004-2006

Financial projection (simulation) and procurement scheme for social housing for Gmina Lubin.
Project value: EUR 6 m .
Client: Municipality Lubin, 2005-2006

Project preparation and investment process supervision on behalf of the private client. The undertaking known as construction of bio-esther installation (capacity 100.000 t/p.a.) in Kędzierzyn-Kozle – valid building permission has been already obtained. Project value: EUR 33 m.
Client: private consortium, 2005-2008

Ongoing advisory services for public and commercial clients.

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