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Discussion Topics

  • Does the current financial situation have an influence on the contracting authority’s attitude and what concrete changes can be felt from the state in order to make PPP projects attractive for the private sector also in the future?
  • Should the contracting authority, in light of the current difficulties on the financial market, consider adjustments of the legal environment? From the contracting authority’s point of view can the financial difficulties have legal impacts?
  • What are the experiences of the state regarding the realization of its demands, requirements declared in the concessions agreements during the implementation of the contract? What eventual compromise pressure does the state face in the current difficult economic situation, which are often in conflict with the priorities of the project implementation?
  • What is the role of the state in the implementation phase of PPP projects, pointing out main differences from public investments?
  • What experiences do the contracting authority and the private investor have connection with problems expected to be simple during the tendering phase but causing serious problems during the construction phase? Which dispute resolution methods can be applied taking into account the contract clauses?
  • Which are the most important claims of the state, investor, contractor and creditor to be implemented in the concession agreements?
  • How does the bank sector evaluate the impact of the difficult economic situation on PPP projects?
  • What are the major difficulties of financing taking into account the current economic situation?
  • How does the credit term influence the success of different infrastructure developments?
  • What is the role of international financial institutions in the era of the financial crisis?
  • The changes in investment readiness of the consortium participants and investors in connection with large concession infrastructure projects. What difficulties does the investor encounter regarding long-term financing?
  • What conceptual change does have to make the contractor sector to get orders in the current financial situation?
  • What difficulties does the private investor encounter in projects stretching through more governments and consisting of more implementation phases? What are the techniques to be used during the contract negotiation phase to minimize these problems?
  • Which are those financial questions, affecting the operation and financial investment, that are determinant during the project preparation and tender procedure for the project’s long-term operation?
  • What is the motivation factor for ownership changes during the concession projects and what investor interests do the individual phases generate?
  • What are the characteristics of PPP refinancing projects in light of different implementation phases?
  • The role and experiences of international law offices regarding currently arisen questions, which were unforeseeable in a stable economic environment.
  • The most interesting legal questions during the negotiation of the concession agreement concerning the construction and operation period.
  • How can the consultant involved in the project preparation adopt to the changes of the financial situation during his service provision? Which are the prime factors, what either the contracting authority or the investor pay attention to during the project preparation?

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